Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good early evening to all...Bo had another good, but hard work out day. Physically he is getting stronger and stronger. He is gaining more mobility everyday which is so impressive. They are also working getting him off the trach. Please pray that Bo can trust these lungs and have confidence in the lungs ability to work. He is a little apprehensive and gets worked up with they turn the machine off. I know it will all click soon, just never fast enough for Bo.
I think I have finally decided that I am going to try and find a babysitter for Addi and then enroll her in camps around Durham, week to week. That way with visitors and friends we will have flexibility to play, but reliability to watch her during the day. I have call a few of the contacts given to me to see if they are still available or interested, please do not feel any pressure to help. To start with I am thinking M, W, F from 9-1 and then Tues, Thurs 2-6 I might switch all days to afternoon (when Addi naps), this is flexible. Thanks for every one's help.
Thank you for the prayers and well wishes


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to You and Bo on all your hard work. We are all still praying for more baby steps every day. Good luck with Addi and please let me know if you want me to get back in touch with any of the contacts.

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

Bo & Christi--Stronger and stronger is huge--good thing he was in such great shape before surgery. Bo, I am sure that with these t-collar trials you will learn to trust that YOUR body remembers what to do and will do it. These are YOUR LUNGS NOW!! and they are just as strong as you are!! Keep up the good work both of you. Christi remember that he wouldn't be who he is without you beside him! You are an awesome partner!!
Love from,
Vicki (RT from pulmonary rehab)

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi-

It was great to see both of you today. I know it's never fast enough for Bo, but he's doing SO WELL.

Will keep praying for patience and strength, and watch out when they get that passez-muir valve on him...I'm sure he's storing up plenty to say!!!


Candace said...

That is such wonderful news that progress is being made each day. We continue to think and pray for all 3 of you all every day. We miss you guys.
Candace, Walker and Connor

Anonymous said...

This is my first time posting on the blog...exciting! Wanted to tell you I have a few friends who may be interested in babysitting. I will be coming up early tomorrow morning and will call you to see what else is going on. Glad you had a good day!