Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good Morning everyone - We are still making our baby steps. Bo had a restful evening we appear to be taking baby steps in the right direction. His platelets are up a little, still a long way to go, but baby steps in the right direction. His kidneys appear to be clearing a little better so they are waiting on the dialysis and are hoping time will allow them to jump start in time. His fever is still high, but appears to be stable with the cooling blanket so they are stopping with the Tylenol and hopefully that will rest his liver and allow it to function better. Small steps...we are meeting with the wound people today about Bo's hand. There still isn't much that they can do, but they think it might be getting better. He might loose a few fingers instead of the entire hand, this one is just a wait and see game. The first test for HIT came back negative, they are waiting on other tests to confirm. With this being said, they still do not have an explanation on why his hand reacted this way, but time well hopefully heal it.
Bo is still going into surgery again today to put a trach in. This will hopefully help with infection and for his prolonged need for the ventilator, when they are putting this in they might put a feeding tube in as well. They will decide that later. They are also going to clean out his left side a little bit more to get some fluid out and hopefully this will help the overall lung function. We can only pray this is the last time Bo goes to the OR Room, Lord knows every time I think I am at my limit, we go back.
They are trying to wake him up this morning, just to knock him out again for surgery, but I did get to talk to him some. He blinked a couple times to questions so that was great. He blinked to say his hand hurt so that breaks my heart, but I think pain might be a good sign he still has feeling in it. He also blinked to say that he loved Addi and his Mom, when I asked about me he was dumbfounded on said nothing, so we all know Bo is still there neurologically. Man I love him.
Love Christi
I will post more when he goes into surgery again, which will not be until 2:45 and will take a couple of hours. Keep praying for one smooth procedure.


Anonymous said...

We are still pulling for you and sending prayers and well wishes. I am absolutly amazed at both of your strength.

Karen Geiger

Anonymous said...

Things are starting to look up! Stay strong and know that you have so many people praying for all of you!
Michelle, Lynn & Julie in Hendersonville

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to hear that you had a few moments of communication with Bo! I know its hard, but being able to have a connection with him on the conscious plane must give you a bit more comfort. We all know he's in there putting up the battle of his life. Sending tons of prayers for an even better day today and success in the OR. Baby steps is the best way to look at it. Celebrate the improvements and accept the setbacks as just another hurdle in this amazing race.

You two are our heros. Stay strong!

Hugs and love from Omaha!

Anonymous said...

Holding Bo, Christi, Addi, Jo and Bill in constant prayer. Also sharing prayer request with prayer group, sunday school and Charlotte Christian School. We feel as though god has a call on bo's life and prayerfully hope his recovery will be miraculous and soon!

Love you all,

Paula and Dempsey Hodges (Alecia's mom and dad)

Anonymous said...

We will all be awaiting good news after todays procedures! Thanks for updating! Make sure you tell Bo we all miss him at FIG and to hurry up and heal! :-)

p.s. Addi is bouncing around the office today looking as cute as ever!!


Angel Gabi's Daddy said...

We are praying for all of you all day every day! Bo will not let this get the best of him!

The Acker Family

Anonymous said...

Bo we have not stopped praying for you, and will not stop praying for you:) You and your wonderful family are the strongest people we know, and your positive attitudes amaze us everyday, keep fighting! I am sure you that your wife Christi is an amazing woman, and you are truely blessed have such and amazing partner. I met you briefly at Caroline's wedding, and she is another great inspirition, and I am lucky to call her a friend. You have such wonderful, loving, and positive people surrounding you that I truely believe that you are going to pull though this, and spend the rest of your life being the wonderful husband, son, brother, pioneer, and father like you have always been. God bless you, and keep fighting:)

Much Love,
Reagan, Jeania, and Rusty Smith

Anonymous said...


I have a hard time remembering this but it is so true. we are not given anything by God that we can't handle and if we can't we can give the rest to him. Stay positive, Bo has come a long way and has beat everything so far so there is no reason that won't continue.


Anonymous said...

We are praying right now for a successful visit to the operating room and we are praying for the doctors and for you and all of the family. Great news about the communication between the two of you. Thank you again for taking the time to update everyone. Your strength is amazing.
Jon and Donnelle

Anonymous said...

Christi you are so very strong...believe me that you are in my prayers (and that sweet Addi girl!) just as much as Bo. Y'all are in my prayers this afternoon.

Sara from 9300.

Anonymous said...

Dear Johnson Family,
We all have sent and are sending prayers to Bo for his health and strength and to your family for strength and peace in this time. I know there is much hope in many situation at times when it seems there is little. God Bless you all, Christi and Addi and everyone in the extended family.

The Burks; Jason, Hope, Laila and Jack Wesley

Anonymous said...

Hey Christi,

Just wanted to say hey today and let you know that we are still praying. The trach is no big deal. It is necessary to prevent further infections. I was worried about the scar on my neck for awhile but I got over it!! Also there was a time that the docs were concerned with my left leg and massive blood clots. Mark informed me just the other day that there was talk about the possibility of me losing that leg. But I am standing tall on both legs today and know that BO will beat the odds. I did have unbearable pain in that leg and as much as it hurts it is probably a good thing that Bo is experiencing pain in that hand. They can control it with pain meds. Hang in there and remember the importance of keeping yourself healthy. Get outside and get some fresh air.

Call if you need anything

CTBlankenship said...

Christi, you are a continuing inspiration to everyone that reads the forums. I frequently hold you up as a model as to how one should act and love under pressure. Rest assured we are all praying for health to return you your family.

The Blankenships

Anonymous said...

Christi, keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to all partners out there. Bo, we love ya and can't wait to see you walk up here before you leave the hospital.

Sue 9300

Megan said...

I found your site from the Ackers. Wanted to let you know we are saying lots of prayers.

Anonymous said...

Christi, I am so glad that you got some blinks today. (even if they weren't for you!) My heart goes out to you every time he goes off to the OR. Definately get yourself some fresh air today.
Going to call and see if Addi wants to meet up at the park on friday.

Anonymous said...

We are still here for you. Stay strong and keep fighting.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

It is encouraging that Bo was able to respond to your questions. I am so happy to hear that report. I will continue to pray! God Bless You and Your Family!!!

Marilyn Erdel, Presby Rehab

Anonymous said...

Christi, what a great post. It almost feels like we were there with you watching Bo blink. Then again, I think we're all there with you in some way.

Keep strong.
-Jean Casagrande

Anonymous said...

Maybe the image we can use is when kids take their "baby" steps...which quickly turn into baby runs! Hang in there. It never seems they will actually stand and not topple over...yet in no time they are outrunning us. Sending positive healing energy... may bo soon be outrunning us all. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I am Cecil Mullan, Mike's grandmother, and I have been interested in Bo's progress since he was diagnosed. I have only had access to his blog for a week but am following now every day. I want you to know of my love, concern and many, many prayers for Bo and all you who are so courageous. I thank God for the organ donors, the medical team and the monumental strength of those who love him so and are involved in this daily drama to keep him close. With all my heart, I am begging God for Bo's recovery.

Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi,Addi and family:
We all think of you and pray for you hourly. We enjoy reading the progress and the miracles God is working in your life and the glory he sees in your faith.
Our prayers are with you. Christi, your strength is uplifting to us, and I know to Bo as well! Blessings.
The Burton Family: Kevin, Lori, Camryn and Braden

Anonymous said...

Christi, be sure to let Bo know that his great team at FIG are challenging EquiTrust as usual. They are on the phones fighting for their agents and we continue to find win/win answers for everyone. FIG business is strong!

We all talk each morning to catch everyone up on his situation and progress. We anxiously await the next bit of news. Take care and know we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praying hard for you and your family. Dave Verrill at Presby is calling in prayer support.

Jim B.