Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Evening again - Today was a fun day today. Addi and I hunted for a neighborhood park and found one with some kids for her to make friends. She got all hot and sweaty and used some of her energy and then when we were driving back we found a Gymboree that had a class she could be part of where she can play, paint and dance around with kids her again. She called it "Gymboree School" (I think she misses playing with kids the most) Then she played with Miss Evelyn and tonight we went to Southpoint mall and found friends of friends, Kate, Zach and Zach to Addi played with Zach for a while. What a great day for her!
Bo had another good day as well. He walked again 300 feet and then had 2 trach trials this afternoon and night. One was for 45 minutes and the other for an 1 hour, before he pootered out (is that a word?) He should sleep well tonight and the tomorrow we push his lungs some more.
I did want to take a moment and thank everyone for following, encouraging and being a part of this incredible journey. I cannot thank you enough for the cards, presents, companionship and encouraging words on the blog. The Johnson Family every day makes it through because of all of you. Please know that we do not and will not ever take you for granted. We are truly blessed to have the friends we have, for the ones we have met face to face and the ones that are friends through this blog. I cannot wait to see all of you soon.
Christi and Addi, and Bo

By the way spellcheck does not think pootered out is a word, but I am sticking with it! ("tired out" for those not following the Christi isms)


Walker Ham said...


As a fellow user of blogspot I can tell you that their spell-checker is not that reliable. After all, Walker does not appear to be a word to them and we all know that Walker is one of the strongest words in the English dictionary next to Johnson. Bo's recovery and strength comes from your and Addi's love.

Candace, Connor, Rylee, Belle, and I consider ourselves very luck to be able to witness this miracle, share in it with you, and more importantly call you guys are friends. We love you all very much.

P.S. Tell Bo to stop checking out the hot nurses b/c the hottest nurse has been by his side the whole time!

Anonymous said...

Great news. We will pray for him at our men's prayer meeting at church tonight and pray for you all.

Ed and Lib Connell

Anonymous said...

Christi, checking in to say we love you, ALL! Addi you keep Mom going to those parks, gym's,you may be a tumbler like AMI someday. Bo,keep walking, I am preserving all of these garden vegetables for you. Today I pitted cherries one at a time with a paper clip, so Theresa can make you a cherry pie, your FAVORITE, and wait til'you try my sauerkraut, the German kind.We can't wait to have you back in Kansas with us Love, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Leon

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Addi is having a great summer meeting new friends and having lots of new adventures.
Bo is doing awesome! We are so excited for him as he makes new progress each day.
Thank you again for taking the time to write in the Blog. Each day when I check it I am encouraged and hopeful that Bo will be walking in the park with the two of you very soon.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

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