Saturday, June 07, 2008

Good Evening everyone - We had a exhausting day, both of us. Bo right now is working on getting of the vent and that is exhausting for him and frustrating. But I think more frustrating is his inability to talk because of the trach. It breaks my heart to not be able to communicate well with him. Lord knows we have a lot to stay to one another. He is just a little stubborn with the situation, but I have faith that the physical therapist and respiratory therapist will get the job done. But in the meantime I have to admit it breaks my heart to see him feeling better, but struggling and getting frustrated. I know in time it will all come together and patience is the answer, but I feel we are so close to getting over this hump that how do you not race to the end. But once again I am reminded I do not control this situation, I am a cheerleader on the side. (I think I might be the best damn cheerleader, it must be all those years cheering for the Jayhawks) So we work and wait. Prayers and Patience that is what I am looking for these days. Tonight I sleep and I know tomorrow is another day that Bo will amaze me with his physical and mental strength, just at the end of the day I want him with me. I know, soon enough, but never fast enough.
Love to all
PS - I think the ICU Waiting room is getting the craziest people in it. I think I might be losing my mind, but I promise these people are characters. I feel bad saying that because they are in similar situations I am in, but the are (or I am) going nuts.


Anonymous said...

Bo you are doing great, just keep fighting just a little bit more. I know you can do it. I'll still praying for you and Christi.


Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

Take notes on all these people and when all this is over, you can write a book ( I have always wanted to this) and call it "The Waiting Room". The waiting room is their only connection but each group of people have their own story! Some are crazy and some are going nuts, but so many stories to tell.
You are the best cheerleader and you are going to keep Bo going even when he wants to give up. Just remind him, baby steps. Time is a great healer and he has got to give himself time to heal and get stronger.
Prayers we can give you and also much love. Stay strong! You are amazing and I know Bo needs your strength and you voice to keep him going.
We hope you get a good nights rest and remember to stay positive and believe in hope.
We love you,
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

You are doing great! So many hurdles and obstacles ...but you are definitely winning this battle! Stay strong and remember Angel McKenna and her Angel Bear are with you everywhere you go. I have been praying and praying for you, Christi and Addi and the rest of your family and friends. You are loved by so many! I know you know this! I can't wait to hear about you getting well and how your new lungs are working great! I told you we would all be friends until we are 85! Eric is doing a fantastic job of keeping everybody updated on your recovery. He loves you like a brother! I can't wait to see you and hopefully meet Addi and Christi at the HopeKids Day Festival in September! Just get the HEY out of the ICU!! You can do it!
Love and prayers from Minnesota!
Krista, Scott, Kalen, Jadyn and Angel McKenna in Heaven!

Anonymous said...

For Christi, who could not have done more for her husband, Bo, during these past days:

What If, When We All Awoke in the Morning...

There was peace across this world of ours and on one had to die needlessly in a war in a foreign land
No one spoke a word in anger, no one caused harm to another, no one ever had to live in fear
The sky was again blue, no floods, no tornados, no hurricanes, no fires, no earthquakes, no one died
All of the children had enough to eat, there was food for all, and no one felt the pangs of hunger

That a politician actually held public office for the common good, rather than the good of just one
When no one was judged by the color of what was on the outside, but was judged by what was inside
To be able to walk down a dark street without worry, to live each day without thinking about death
Never again having to hold the hand of a loved one, fearing that it might be the last time together

Clear skies, for all to once more see our majestic mountains, rather than obscured by smog from afar
To live in a world where everyone always had enough, a warm home, and a family to love each other
To walk through each day without worry of being judged because we are different from one another
Walking our own path through life, but also if someone was to fall, to reach down to give a helping hand

A world where hatred, prejudice, war, and so many other similar human traits are but a bad memory
When we all realize that we are the caretakers of this Earth, and that we hold our children’s future
For each person to become a guardian of this land of ours, to preserve it for future generations
So that our children could know that this wonderful world was saved by those that came before them,

When cancer, aids, and so many other terrible diseases are forvever cured, and pain is but a memory
No child to die young, no mother to leave her family, no father to die thinking of what could have been
What a world this would be, when God above could again look down and smile because of his creation
And a husband and father who wouldn’t give up, once again held the hands of those who is his world

Anonymous said...

It is not a long race Bo, it is many short races one after another. Stay strong Bo. We will see you soon.

Chris, Tracey, CJ and Hannah

KC Lane said...

Hey Johnsons! The Lanes from Iowa here. Been a long time but we want you to know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Bo - keep fighting because Hunter is looking forward to taking another buck from you playing pool when you get back to Des Moines. He's not going to take it easy on you either. Plus, I want to show you how to play some real golf. Yes, you can do that here in Iowa! Love always, KC, Jen, Hunter and Noah.

Peony said...

I know what you mean about waiting room crazies. I met the most interesting people in hospitals/doctors offices during Bren's many inpatient stays. Also, I know how tough it can be while you're in the middle of it, but I promise you'll be amazed at how it seems like a whole separate life, which happened in the blink of an eye, once you're through the toughest part of it. Of course, then there will be other challenges and issues, but they'll be more mundane and everyday.

I wish you and Bo a very quick road back to the smaller everyday challenges life has to offer. Until then, it's perfectly ok if you need to go outside and scream every once in a while just to get it out. Oh, and the bonus is, if you do it outside the hospital, the ICU crazies may let you into their club ;-P

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Christi! You too Bo! You will soon be out of ICU and well on your way to coming home! Patience is the key! We love you!

The Faunces

Anonymous said...

Be sure to get some rest yourself. Things look different when one is rested. Bo is working hard but so are you. I pray for strength for both of you. Tomorrow is another day.

Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi and Addi,
Not a day goes by that we don't think of all of you and pray for your strength and healing. Keep fighting and remember all the support you have backing you.
God Bless,
The Robinsons

Anonymous said...

Hi Bo and Christi,
I was at church on Friday night and multiple people came up to me to ask how my friend is doing. They have been earnestly praying for you, Bo! We all have and we will continue.
Keep pushing!

Anonymous said...


Hang in there buddy, keep fighting. You and Christi in our prayers each day and its great to see you making progress.

Christi, you are doing phenomenal, we are all with you...

Kevin & Blaire..

Anonymous said...

Johnson fsmily,
We continue to pray for strength and recovery in small, but attainable steps. Christi, keep it up. You are admired by many for the strength and saneness that you have shown.
Love ya!
The Glidewell Crew

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi & Bo

My Daughter and I have been following your journey from the beginning and you have had quite a trip.

We are so happy for you both though that you have gotten so far along with this horrible disease and have made such remarkable progress.

You are so fortunate to have one another and your beautiful daughter Addi.

Stay strong. and we know that you will conquer every obstacle that you will encounter and you will get stronger every day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bo and Christi,
Oh my how the days I am sure are long and tough, and there is a light at the end because the light is both of you and you are taking it step by step and getting there. I have so much admiration for both of you fighting your own war and it is and no one knows but you. We can only pray and pray that god continues to give you the strength to push on and he will! Bo you have so much courage and the mind set needed to get through this. Please stay positive. We all love you and want you out of there.
Maybe not like speed racer but something like that? God Bless you and the family today for more peace and patience, and lots of healing. Big Amen!
Leigh Ann

Anonymous said...

Bo, it's great to hear you're on track to a successful recovery. You've made it past the first few hurdles, now you just need to bring it home brotha! Stay mentally strong and keep pushing to heal yourself. I can't wait to see you and celebrate yet another huge accomplishment in your life.

Lots of love,

Isaiah and Nicki

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight! We are so proud of you and glad to hear about all the progress you are making. You are a very strong and determined person.

You are not wrong about the waiting room. My Mom has been in the hospital over the past two months 4 different times. There are days when my family and I just have to laugh because of the company we are in!! You are so awesome and Bo is so lucky to have you. Thanks again for the updates.

Theresa and Kevin

Anonymous said...

Bo remember the race is not to the swift but to who can endure. You have made great strides and full recovery will take time. Be excited and not impatient. Christi is by your side and we all should be so lucky to have a loving wife that would enduring our pain and frustration. Stay strong and believe. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Head up dude. Win the battles, win the war.
I did the AZ state road race today. 59 miles with a two 7 mile climbs in the middle, each with a 8% grade . Got dropped early on the last climb and it was 97 degrees. It hurt and I wanted to quit. Repeat, I wanted to quit bad. over 40 guys started in my category and a lot did not finish. I rode the last 18 miles after the last climb solo in a stiff headwind. I finished last but I did not stop. Thought about you while i was climbing seeing the group ride away with rider after rider climbing off their bikes and climbing in the sag van.

there has been hundreds of times in the last two years that you could have quit. Bo Johnson does not quit, so then I won't.
Sorry for the long winded post but the point of all this is keep your head up, keep doing what you do and in a while you will be looking back at today and grin thinking of how far you have come.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bo and Christi, you are doing awesome and keep fighting! I know you will continue to get stronger each day. We are thinking about you guys constantly!

Robb and Kelly

Anonymous said...

I have some info for Christi on a possible care situation if still needed. There is a 5 star daycare/school VERY CLOSE to Duke Hospital. I have a UNC professor pal whose child goes there, and she has passed along your family's situation to the owner. Though it is a highly sought after school, the owner said you could contact her and she may be able to work something out since it is summer. It may be an opportunity to provide a stable outlet for Addi while there.

Unfortunately, I don't have contact info (email) for Christi to pass along specifics. Maybe Christi or a family member can email me if interested and I can give my friend's name and the director's info.

Also, my friend's regular sitter is available nights and weekends, if you need that info.