Friday, June 06, 2008

Good Morning is another day or gaining strength and pushing forward. Bo is going for his GJ procedure this morning around 10:00, who knows really when...this will take a couple of hours so I will have more to report after lunch. His numbers are looking better, platelets up, they still need to double about, kidney's are clearing more and the liver is getting into the proper numbers. We are still watching his fevers and temps, but right now things appear to be stable. They will start his Heprin this afternoon after the GJ tube procedure and this will hopefully help with the clots, we just hope his hand will not react the same. They do not think so, they will watch this closely.
Thank you to everyone sending emails with ideas for Addi, that is the goal this morning. I will be in touch with all soon.


The Berrys said...

I shouldn't be, but I continue to be amazed at the awesome God we serve. Bo's progress and your strength are nothing short of miraculous! Please give Bo a hug for me and a high five for Richard. We love you and continue to pray constantly for you.

The Berrys

Anonymous said...

Praise GOD.I have been reading your blog and this is my first post.Every morning and night i come on to c how u and Bo and Addi r doing and i thank GOD every day for the miracle that is happening.U have a beautiful familly.Please take care of yourself sending prayers and love from ottawa canada.

Anonymous said...

Christi, we are all living for these updates. I am not sure how you have the strength to do them-but, thanks! Sounds like we are going in the right direction. Keep hanging in there and give Bo a kiss for me!
My Love,

Anonymous said...

Here is what my sister sent from her church, i don't know if it helps. The church is right off of 40 off 15-501 (I think)
Here is what her e-mail had in it. She is in Boston this weekend, but I am sure there are people at her church who could help with transportation, etc.
I will talk with her more if you are interested.

Grace Camps
Dance Camp is July 21-25 for grades 2-5. Photography camp is June 16-20 for ages 6- 14. Spanish Immersion Camp is June 2-6 and June 9-13 for ages 5-11. Plus, there are 7 weeks of additional camps, from Art to Sports camp. For more information, check the
kiosk,, or contact Adam Dawson at

If you think this might work for you please contact Adam, and tell him Lindsay Butler directed you to this - she is super active in the youth program and worked there part time for a while.


Anonymous said...

Dear Christi,

I got some ideas for Addi from my friends who live in the area. could you please email me at and I'll start forwarding their emails to you. Great news on Bo's achievements I'll keep praying for you both.

Jenn in CA

Candace said...

I have no doubt that Bo will come out and beat this. All of these baby steps will lead him to his goal of walking Addi down the hall to kindergarten. I just know he will do that for several years to come after kindergarten. We are so proud of you both. To say that you both are admired by many would be an understatement. We continue to pray and think of all every moment we can!!! We love you guys.
Candace, Walker and Connor

Anonymous said...

We are so grateful to hear that Bo is progressing well. These steps are leaps and bounds in the process. as I'm sure you're doing, celebrate each step forward no matter the size or impact as huge and accept the setbacks as momentary bumps in the road to a cancer free life of fun and excitement with your Bo! He's such a fighter and a great guy (my parents generation would call him a "character"!) You two are awesome, as is your entire family and circle of loved ones. You inspire us to appreciate every moment of our own blessed lives.

Sending love and prayer from Omaha!

Anonymous said...

Christi, That is great news about Bo! We continue to pray for him every day!

My husband and I went to Duke. I asked a few of the faculty at the business school and they gave me a few options for child care:

1) Duke's HR group has done a very good job of compiling resources about a lot of different child care options, as the campus day care has an enormous waiting list.

On this site, I'd feel pretty comfortable recommending any of the centers listed under the Duke Child Care Partnership. Duke has made an investment in these centers and given Duke employees priority wait-list status, and that's how I found Primary Colors. So these sites have had some homework done on them already and have to keep that relationship up in order to get Duke's continued investment.

On that list, though, the two I would NOT recommend are the Children's Campus at Southpoint and Chapel Hill, both of which are owned by the same people.

This Duke site also has camps and part-time resources listed, although I don't have first-hand experience with any of them.

2) The business school students are older many of whom are married. If you are interested, we could ask some of the wives of the students if they would be interested in watching Addi part-time for you.

She is going to ask around Fuqua for other people's thoughts. If we get anything else I will pass it along.

Heather Carlock

Anonymous said...


Here is another suggestion I got - I would suggest she join the Durham Mother's club (or contact Erin as
the on the board); I believe they have a directory of camps.
she can check out the following link which has a good amount of info.

Heather Carlock