Monday, August 07, 2006

Food Report:

Morning - four poached eggs, shake
Lunch - Dijon mustard chicken and rice, oj
Dinner - snapper with salsa, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, oj

Lunch and Dinner were Christi's recipes, and they were both good...

Today started with a 12 mile bike ride with Jay. We did it in a little over an hour. My legs were hurting to say the least. Then Monday started like every other Monday, the Monday Morning meeting. After that it was really good to be at work. Came home tonight and played with Addi some. She is amazing. I am a little worried about Christi, she is tired. Her parents are coming out soon so I hope that will pep her up some. She is doing a really good job supporting me.

I found out some really good news! My buddy Eric asked me to go to the People vs. The Pros ( and compete. Again, I know it is not because I am a good golfer. Anyway, it is really a nice event. Allianz is a title sponsor with the PGA Tour (maybe Senior) and they had two spots open. I am taking Lee B. with me so it will be fun. It is at Pinehurst and I am against Lee and 198 other golfers I think. If I were to win (ha) I would play Ratief Goosen on Aug 22 on ESPN. If I did I would paint Allianz on my chest.... (scary)

I want to dedicate this blog to my family. Christi and Addi have been just great during this deal. Mom and Bill have been super supportive both personally and business wise. Tracia/Joel and Caroline/Mike have been great and have done everything they can for us. Daniel/Andrea have tried to help from Thomasville and golf wise. :) Dad and Papa have come down and tried to do all they can. Terry Lee and the family in Kansas have done all they can from afar. Christi's mom Terri is trying to get out here soon. Erin/Curtis/Cindy/Crystal/Clint have been a rock for Christi who I am most worried about. I know I have forgotten so many people in my family and Christi's family that have wished us well. For that I am sorry. But please know we love all of you guys and THANKS FOR THE HELP!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bo, Christi & Addi
As you have stated we here in Kansas wish we all could do more for you, Christi, Addi and your family in Cornelius. We love you all dearly as everyone else who reads your "Blog". Stay strong and keep the faith along with all the good work you all have done. You and Christi are truely an amazing couple. We will see you soon. Love, Mom in Kansas

Anonymous said...

Bike is on the way. My buddy gave us the hook up. We are gonna really pound the C now. I enjoyed Monday's ride, I really needed it to spin the lactic acid out of the legs from the weekend. I am going to miss riding with you in the mornings. You have helped me with my "bed suck" that I get in the mornings dude. I have a few ideas for motivating each other when I am out in AZ I will bounce off you later. We averaged about 2 mph faster yesterday, but I am gonna hook you up with a bike 'puter so we can tell for sure. It will help you set little goals for yourself.

Anonymous said...

PS- I almost forgot
I was at Bo's before we went to the movies, got to sample your culinary expertise. Those were the best Kabobs!! Free range chicken was off the hook. Phil, if you are reading this, hope you know how lucky you are.

Anonymous said...

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