Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Food Report

Morning - fruit
Lunch - salad and fruit
dinner - walleye, tomato soup, salad, green beans

Today I flew to MN for a meeting that will last until tomorrow at 2:00. I went to see a company that we have done business with for a long time. Everyone was very nice. I do forget that people have not seen me and they see this situation in a different light. Some people look at me and see dead man walking, some people truly believe I will beat this, and some do not know what to think. I certainly understand that this is hard for everyone, not just me and my family. I try my best to answer all questions and to give them hope, at least what I can give them.

On trip, eating and exercise is hard. I usually eat pretty good, and most hotels have a fitness room. Tonight I rode a stationary bike for 25 minutes.

Tomorrow Addi will be 11 months. She is getting so big!

Thursday I get scans and chemo. Everyone cross your fingers.....

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Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you in Indy and chatting with you about the industry is always so fun! You are one of the best in our younger generation of leaders - you've got to stick around because I don't know what I'd do at those meetings if I didn't get to bounce ideas off you! Seriously. :)
I'll get the prayer warriors on the job in full force. They are ready for another POWERFUL PRAYER BLAST tonight and Thursday, and I'm sure your scans will come back good. Keep up the good fight, Bo!
Did you give Addi a steak for her eye??? I told the boys about the black eye - they thought that was cool, except they felt bad because that shouldn't happen to a girl. Crazy kids.
See ya,
Prayer Warrior's Mommy