Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bo did it! He made it for 24 hours! Yeah! I couldn't be more proud! A big thanks goes out to his nurse last night Rex, he wasn't going to let Bo fail. Bo was so excited this morning and exhausted in the same breathe. He slept the rest of the morning on me, but that is quite alright. (I still like to watch him sleep, reminds me of the sleeping Addi.) Now I do have to say with the good always come a little hiccup.
The doctors are working on some minor hiccups right now. Bo's stomach is have a few issues that they are keeping an eye on. Hopefully with medicine they will correct themselves, this is something time will have to tell. Another hiccup is Bo's vocal cords are "asleep" possibly. Today they started working with him being able to talk and Bo could barely get a whisper out (not for a lack of trying) They might need to give his vocal cords a little boost to wake them up. They do not foresee this being a permanent or long time problem, just something that needs to be corrected for Bo to function the way they want him too.
With those issues being handled and Bo being "Special" to all the doctors and the nurses, he will now have to breathe without the vent for at least 3 days before they will let him out of ICU, it was 2 days before. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but Bo sure was disappointed. I keep reminding myself that Bo is where we all were a month ago. Every time a hiccup happened I would panic. I felt like the doctors only talked in problems, which they do, but that is alright. I will keep reminding myself and now conscious Bo of what we have accomplished (what he knows about so far) and where we still want to go. We will have these hiccups for the rest of our lives, but now we at least have the rest of our lives to deal with them.
Take care
Christi, Addi and "Breathing on His Own Bo"


Anonymous said...

Christi and Bo

That is awesome news. And I know Bo he will be calling me old lady before we know it. You guys are always in our thougths and prayers. Miss Ami has Nationals this weekend. Make sure you tell Bo that she plans on taking 1st. And of course we can not leave out Miss Addi give her a big hug and kiss for us. And if you need anything please call love you sis.

Your sis in Kansas

Jerrold said...

Thanks 4 the update, you all will be fine, a BAC lung transplant is not done he has beaten the odds, and you all will do fine (repeat) you've come to far, baby steps after all he was cut in half,

Do you have everything you need in Durham???

Anonymous said...

That's amazing (I'm taking words from the Christi thesaurus) news! 24 hours with new lungs, it seems so soon...very impressive! And those "hiccups" seem minor compared to what he has been through. Tell Beauford that there are lots of NYers praying for him and when he's all better it's time for a Johnson family visit!

Lena said...

WOW! I have tears of joy in my eyes! We are so very proud of you Bo and continue to sing your praises as well Christi. We love you all!
Lena & family

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news. God's grace is amazing! Bo has accomplished so much in a short time, considering what he has been through. Keep up the good work, think strong - live strong!
God Bless Bo, Christi, and Addi!
Love to all,
Jon and Donnelle

Anonymous said...

I am soooooooo psyched! It is all coming together.

My continued thoughts, love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Prayers are still flowing your way Johnson's! God has blessed you all .. and will today, tomorrow and forever :)

Amy W

Anonymous said...

YAHOOOOOO!!!! Good job Bo! We miss you and check this blog ALL THE TIME :-)

Anonymous said...

Praise be to God. Bo your are truly awesome! Keep it up we are all pulling for you...what an inspiration you are for others. Just think of how far you have come in a month and just how far you will be a month from now! Cant wait to find out. keep up the good work and know that prayer is a powerful thing and you are receiving many of those each and every day. We are there in spirit walking and breathing with you!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Praise the Lord! Way to go Bo!

Ed and Lib Connell

Anonymous said...

So proud of all of you. Love hearing all the "good reports". You are continually in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up all the awesome work. Blessings to you.

Randy & Kaye Ellington

Anonymous said...

Go Bo Go !!!! This is GREAT news!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Bo GO! Ya'll are still so in my thoughts everyday and night-I check your blog daily and the baby steps are turning into leaps and bounds...God bless you all-


BreathinSteven said...

Wonderful news, Christi!!!

And the hiccups will get fewer and further between...

And I know it's a little difficult now, and I'm sure they'll get those vocal cords working -- but what my wife wouldn't give for my vocal cords to be asleep right now!!!

I come from a family of talkers -- sometimes we look at one another while my sister or Mom are talking and wonder if they ever actually inhale... Laura always says that she thought she got the quiet one in the family -- now she realizes it was just lack of oxygen... Chicks -- whutevah...

Tell Bo we're all so proud of him... In eight years you too might be wishing he'd shut up...



Robert J. Black said...

Amazing to sit here and read daily of Bo's strength in recovery and you your incredible perspective and toughness, Cristi!

Congrats Bo on 24! Can't wait for 72!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Christi.

Chris, Tracey and the kids

Anonymous said...

"We will have these hiccups for the rest of our lives, but now we at least have the rest of our lives to deal with them."

I love your perspective Christi! Reading those words brought such warmth to my heart as I felt the furture unfolding before you. From now on, everytime I hear a hiccup, I am going to think of you two and your enduring love and strength as you walk toward your destiny together.

Tammy P - Omaha

Anonymous said...

Christi and Bo,
What wonderful news! Way to go BO. We know you can do this just give yourself time to accomplish all that you need to do.
We continue to send you love, hugs, prayers, and laughter.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

This is great news. I have been following along throughout the whole process. Bo is a fighter and I knew with positive thoughts and prayer that he would make it. Keep it up. Look forward to seeing you back at the office in the near future.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is so exciting! Way to go Bo!!!!!

The Faunces

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bo!! and until your vocal cords wake up we can all get a word in edgewise (maybe). Keep up the good work.

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

Dear Bo, Christi and Addi,

We have never met - I am married to Lena's cousin, Robert Lloyd and am Chip's sister-in-law. For months now we have been following your story. And the last weeks I have been with you daily, keeping up through your blog and praying for you continually. It is an honor to lift you up to the throne of God, to stand with you and on your behalf as we all cry out to God during these critical days.

It is so exciting and encouraging to read about your progression and healing. Way to go!!! I know that we are just one of many, many, lifting you up; but I wanted you to know that you are loved, that our hearts are linked with yours and that we look forward to the day that we can meet you. You are such a beautiful family!

I had been contemplating writing this note for a long time, however, with you not knowing us, just stood alongside you quietly. What has prompted me now, however, is that my biological family just learned the shocking and unbelievable news that my Dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer and kidney cancer. It is most bizarre because he looks and feels great - just stumbled upon it through a routine x-ray. His diagnosis is VERY bleak...
So with that news you can imagine all the more(!)closeness I feel to you and your situation.

You guys are victors in every sense of the word!

With so much love,
Carolin Lloyd and family

Anonymous said...

It brought tears to my eyes to read the great news about Bo! We will continue to remember him in our daily prayers!

Take care,
Larry and Josie Mabry

Anonymous said...

This is great news and I am so glad he is doing well

Anonymous said...

Went to the Olive Garden last Sunday, 6/29, and missed seeing you on the bench out front. Keyara at Rehab has been keeping me up to date of your progress and finally gave me your website. So happy to hear that you are breathing on your own and will be moving out of ICU soon. Keep fighting! Olive Garden is waiting for your return. Sharon