Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello - Things today ran the same course as yesterday. We were off the vent for 15 hours (all day) and then back on tonight to rest some more. Bo's CO2 levels actually came down a little today, so that is great news. I pray for the doctors so much because Bo (and all the patients) walk the thin line of how hard to push a patient to get stronger and when to let them rest. Bo gives very little wiggle room before he is pushed to far. When he seems to go to far, it sets him back a couple of days. So that is truly frustrating for all. With that being said, we are moving forward.
Mondays are always a fun day, the doctors come in and reassess what the game plan is for the week. So tomorrow I should know how much the want to push Bo, what the obstacles are for the week and where are numbers have moved themselves to....Bo has a tendency to not really fit the norm. Shocker there!
Someone asked me to keep posting what we should pray for, so tonight please pray for the doctors, for Bo's diaphragm to get stronger and for his CO2 numbers to come back down closer to the range they should be in.
Thanks everyone
Christi, Addi and Bo
PS - The Charlotte Observer wrote an article about Bo and our upcoming Touch a Truck event in September.
PSS - Do not forget this Friday our great event in Kansas!


Anonymous said...

Christi and Bo:

So glad to hear about all the wonderful progress being made. Bo, keep up the faith and keep on going!!! Christi, thank for the updates and the prayer requests. They really help. Blessings to your family.

Randy and Kaye Ellington

Anonymous said...

Been out of touch for a couple of days. Praise the Lord - we are glad to hear of the progress. We will pray for the three requests.

Ed and Lib Connell

Anonymous said...

Keep up those baby steps and please tell Bo not to get too frustrated with himself. Little progress is still progress. You two have led me to do the un-thinkable for a Tarheel, besides praying for you three I pray for Duke staff every night.( just the hospital staff not the basketball staff).

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

Great news story!
-Jean C

Anonymous said...

Still thinking of y'all...tell Bo to keep confusing them. Gotta keep those docs on their toes (preferably by exceding all their expectations!).

Sara 9300