Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sorry it took me so long to post, but now back being in ICU I cannot use my computer. Bo's levels have come back down with the use of the vent. So that is good. They are still unsure what caused this to happen there could be a couple of different solutions or a combination of different things. This could be something we may never have the answer to, but all I care about is that Bo feels better.
He is on another trach trial where they are going to test his blood levels and try to keep him off the vent as long as they can. Bo is extremely anxious again and a little afraid to sleep without the vent, but I know he can do it. I just pray it will not take such a toll on him like last time. His time in ICU will be determined on how well Bo breathes on his own and how long it takes him to do it on his own. This will also determine when he will have the vocal cord surgery. We have now rescheduled for Thursday in hopes that tonight will be a good night.
With that being said, I would like to ask for a favor, please pray for my friend Bob F's wife Henrietta F. She is having a really difficult day and needs all the prayers we can give them. Bob has been my angel through all this in helping me keep perspective, faith and love. I can only hope to carry myself with as much grace as he has and I pray to have the lifetime of love that they share. I know without even speaking to Mrs. F that she is an amazing woman, her husband is truly a keeper.
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

Christi and Bo,
Hang in there! We will pray that tonight is a good night for Bo and that positive things are on their way to him.
Also, we will be staying in Durham on Thursday night on our way to Richman to visit Jordan. We would love to help you out in someway, by babysitting Addi or taking you out for dinner. Please let us know in what way we might be of help to you.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Prayers will be said for all of you,
Jay and Mel

Anonymous said...

keep up the faith. bo will get better. we are praying for his recovery every day. we miss you both and can't wait to have you back in the Charlotte area.


Anonymous said...

Just checking in again to see Bo's progress. I will continue to pray for him. [I couldn't figure out how to comment before - but I have been following along.]

- Mike Ebmeier

(another insurance industry guy - from Maryland)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bo and Christi,
Ok extra prayers for you guys. Hang in there Buddy! I am so sorry for the trouble you are having but oh my gosh look what you have accomplished! God Bless you both and Addi and your new friends. I hope all is better today!
Leigh Ann

miles3_17 said...

Stay strong Christi! We are all praying for you and I know the people that visit my blog will have your link to it as well and be praying. It's worked for my cousin in her situation and it'll work for you guys. I hope Addi is doing well and we are excited about Addi's Cure event next friday in Lawrence. We'll keep you close to our hearts. Take care.

Kelly, Brett and Kaden Ballard

Anonymous said...

We are sending our prayers to you and your new friends. You have both come so far, I know it is frustrating but just look how far you have come. We are pulling for you all the way!!

The Geigers