Monday, July 07, 2008

Hello everyone again...well today we hit another bump in the road. Bo was put back in ICU this morning to use the vent. They want to do this to rest his body. (All the sleeping this morning was the first sign that something was a little off) When they tested his blood gas his CO2 numbers were up enough to require the vent to rest his body. (CO2 is the carbon dioxide being released from your body, Bo isn't getting enough of this out)
They are hoping that with a little rest that this will correct itself in time, we will know more tomorrow morning hopefully. With that being said, please pray that his CO2 levels will lower with rest and time and this ICU stay will be short term. Bo has had a trend of doing everything twice so let's hope this corrects this problem and we will be out of there by the end of the week.
I will write as soon as I know anything
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

Christi, it WILL correct itself with time! steps! We are thinking of you guys all of the time! We love you!

The Faunces

Candace said...

We will continue to pray for you guys. Hang in there

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi,
keep pluggin, the CO2 levels will come down. I know you want patience and you want it now ; ) but you get there. Hang tough.

Jay Rob

Anonymous said...

You are in good hands. Thank God and Duke for medical technology!!! Keeping you all in our prayers as always.

-Jean C

Anonymous said...

It is always frustrating when you make great progress and then you seem to go back a few steps. You have all come such a long way. I know you and Bo can dig deep for more patience with all of this. Always remember how far you have come. This too shall pass. I am praying for lower co2 levels and soon. Love to you three,

Anonymous said...

Christi and Bo,
Hang in there. Sometimes it is one step back and two steps forward. Duke seems to be keeping a close eye on Bo and what he needs. I know this is a setback but just a little one. Bo just needs time to heal and to reteach these new lungs that they are a Johnson now and they need to get with the Bo program.
We will keep sending you prayers, hugs, love, and laughter to help you though the hard time.
We love you all,
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you.

Ed and Lib Connell

Anonymous said...

Hey Bo - I can't imagine your frustrations. My only 2 cents is, when you feel like you can't take another minute, just stop, relax, and remember you can do this! In life, one step forward, two steps back happens sometimes, but eventually it WILL be just forward.
Lots of prayers coming your way from all of the Rosa family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, from what I have read, these setbacks are very likely to happen. Keep the faith and remember how incredibly far you have come. Bo, you will be out of ICU in a few more days- hang in there.
My Love,

Anonymous said...

you keep fighting and we'll keep praying, a promise is a promise!

Anonymous said...

John and I continue to pray for you everyday-Keep fighting and taking baby steps! We all love and miss you here at FIG. The Maddox's

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting Bo. You have come such a long way and we are all so proud of you and your wife for the patience and love she has. We will keep praying.

Cameron's Blog said...

We continue to keep you and Bo in our daily prayers. We know they work so hang in there and things will continue to improve.

God's peace--the Motts

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