Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello to all and sorry about not posting last night. Between talking with Mom about the Addi's Cure Event last night, which appears to be a huge success! (I cannot wait to see pictures) and watching movies with Bo, I forgot the computer at the hospital. Sorry!
We had a good relaxing day, Bo is on day 3 without the vent so hopefully on Monday we will be moving out of ICU, this time for good. I tease that Bo likes to do things twice, so this should be a our last trip in ICU (cross your fingers) He is exhausted but otherwise fairing pretty well. We walk a lot, talk a little and plan everything to do with Addi. I hope to get her up here to see Daddy today, hopefully that will motivate and encourage him right along.
But on to some exciting news I hear you all tore up the dance floor at the Addi's Cure event! I immediately went to the paper and found
Wow, you all are amazing! A big thank you for everyone going and an even bigger thank you to everyone that helped plan the event. I am afraid to list people so if I forget someone, please add them to the comments, Pa and Mom (aka Larry and Terri Morgan), Cyndi and Ami Harvey, Crystal and Wyatt Dodds, Curtis, Erin and Ryan Morgan, Bill, Jen and Isley Newton, Stephanie Temple and the Temple Family and all the wonderful business donating items and to the Morning Donut Crew, I will be there soon to give my two cents. (Someone has to help you all out, Harry!)
Take care and thank you again
Christi, Bo and Addi


Anonymous said...


You continue to amaze me!!!! I read about your story when it ran in the Huntersville Herald. It stuck out in my mind b/c I lost my Dad to small cell lung cancer in 2003. Your story gives me a reason to participate in Relay for Life every year. Sometimes, I struggle to find a reason. Then, I remind myself that your little girl deserves to have her Daddy for a very long time. Keep fighting and continuing to amaze us!!!!!! I know you will make it through!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looked like a great time in Kansas last night. A big thanks from North Carolina to the Morgan Family and all the continued community support. Looking forward to seeing everyone again real soon. Bo has been a life long friend and I'm touched that he has so much love and support around the world. Not to mention an awesome wife!! Love you to Christy.
By the way tell Bo he's going to be an uncle for the second time. Hope it makes him smile. Did me.
Love Lee, Tina, Mia and one to be named later.