Monday, January 28, 2008

Hello everyone, Christi here. Just a little update, we are getting chemo today....we had a great weekend. FIG had their End of the Year Celebration this past weekend and it was a great time. At celebrations like this you are greatly reminded about how many wonderful people enter your life and support you when times are tough. I cannot express to everyone there a great thank you from me to the support and love that you all have for our family. So many people care about Bo and our fight that it is almost overwhelming to know that you all are there for us whenever we need you. I do have to say that going to FIG's celebration each year reminds me of how Bo and I started our journey together. (For those that do not know, I interviewed with FIG - Bo was the interviewer, I know HR nightmare, I didn't get the job at the time it took me 2 more years to get hired and I interviewed with Bill and Jo the next time.) But never for one second have I questioned the path and the choices I have made. The greatest thing that ever happened to me was not getting the job I wanted, but getting the life God laid out for me. Things happen for a reason just give it time and like Bill said enjoy the journey in life not just the year end celebration.

On another note everyone sure did looked wonderful! You all clean up real nice. As soon as I get pictures I will post some. I have to have people send some to me, because Bo wouldn't let me run home to get the camera I forgot. (We were 2 minutes away)

Also for those that do not know today is Bo's Birthday. I just reminded him a lunch that every day with me it like a birthday and he adamently agrees. So to you Bo

Happy Birthday Bo! We all Love you!

Christi and Addi

PS Happy Belated Birthday Niece Ryan, she turned 2 Saturday

PS Happy Birthday Clint - His birthday is today as well. Don't worry I woke him up singing a great song today. Love you little one!

PS Go and see 27 Dresses, I loved that movie


Anonymous said...


Your support and love of Bo and your dedication to your family in this time of need is so amazing. I know, that's just what you do, but trust me there are many out there who just could not handle what you are going through. I've seen people bail on their loved ones when crisis strikes. I've seen marraiges devestated by things like this. But, not're in it to win it right along with Bo. You're opening statement today says so much. "We are getting chemo today"... not "Bo is getting chemo". You get it. You're in it together and together you receive the treatment and the side effects. Sure, Bo's taking the physical part, but he knows you're in it with him through the thick of it. Big hugs for you today! ((()))

Saw 27 dresses... loved it too!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BO!! You guys are all always in our thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bo! We are thinking about you today and everyday!

The Vance's

Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie said...

I'm a day late, but happy birthday, Bo! I hope you had a very special day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday (belated) Bo! And hoping the chemo went well too. We are thinking about you and the entire family daily and praying for you all. Wow - so true that Christi and Bo are a great team. What a blessing you both are to eachother. Take care and God Bless. Loved your 1/28 post, Christi. Thanks for sharing with us. - Lori

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Today, Yesterday, Everyday! There's always a reason to celebrate, each and every day. I think of you and Christi often and am amazed and inspired by you both. Stay positive and keep the faith. McKenna is watching over you from Heaven and she will not leave your side...just like Jesus! Love and Hugs from the frigid tundra! Come Visit Soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bo and I did leave you a message yesterday. No return phone call like usually I really think you forgot how to call Kansas. See you soon Love you all.