Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I hope everyone is doing well. I know you guys love it when Christi does her posts, and I try to encourage her to do them often. I am feeling pretty good from chemo yesterday, maybe a little tired. I was not sure how much I told you about my pulmonary rehab, so I thought I might explain it a little. I go on Tues, Thur, and Friday every week. I have been 4 times now I think where I am actually working out. i have improved each time, and I am already over what Duke will require for the transplant. I am trying to get even better. Today I went and I rode a bike for 8 minutes, did the treadmill for 15 minutes at 2.7 miles per hour, did an arm machine for 8 minutes, did the row machine for 6 minutes, and of course did the warm up with the group. It is pretty funny, i am the youngest in there of course, by 20 some years. The warm up is not hard but it is good since I have never really stretched before. After the warm up, I have to get on oxygen to so the exercises on level 4. However, my oxygen saturation levels have been good. I start lifting next week and I have already gained 4 pounds which is good as well. It is all the way in Charlotte which is a pain, but it beats having to be in Durham and going to Duke. I may have to do that later. I will have gone 13 times before I go to Duke for my evaluation, and I hope they will see this as positive.... I am also hoping they will let me stay in Charlotte while I am waiting on the list.... We will see.

I really believe this chemo is helping. I was really on a downward tick before and I feel a lot better. I believe if this chemo had not kicked in, I was really in trouble. Good thing it did.... Bought some more time. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. Still need them!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! What a story and a role model you are. You just continue to look for opportunities to "stretch" for strengths. You demonstrate resilence in powerful ways that are so creative and inspiring. Such a testiment to the power within. You create your own game plan utilizing all the resources at hand demonstrative of your unique successful CEO stragtegies at work. Let's all celebrate...Go team!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bo-
Thinking about you every day! You can tell in your writing that you're feeling better-
Keep working out HARD-show 'em what you're made of (HAH! Think you've managed that already!) and keep on gaining weight! (Now THATS a pharse i've never heard in my life...")
Praying for you and your family every day-
Love you Bo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bo, I read today the Cornelius newspaper I went into prayer for you, You are a inspiration God's word say's that anything you ask in his name and you believe it he will do. He's real and he's merciful wether he heal's you here or when you leave here to go home with him whatever his will his works are true keep fighting this battle the devil has thrown your way and trust GOD your family is beautiful Always in prayer for you
Sara Arthur

Jerrold said...

Bo I hope they let you stay at home once you get listed. The only requirement that I had was I need/had to stay within 4 hours of the hospital at all times. If you are going to be outside of the 4hour boundary for an extended amount of time; you have to let the Lung TXP coordinator know.

Anonymous said...

Bo - this is probably totally inappropriate to say, but when I think if you in the group warmup at rehab, I have to crack up a little. Those little old ladies in the group have to think you are the best thing since sliced bread! I bet you're the hit of the group. Sorry for saying that... :) Anyway, so glad you're feeling better and we'll keep those prayers coming your way. Good luck at the transplant appointment! Take care! Lori