Friday, August 08, 2008

Good Evening Everyone - Just a quick post tonight to let you know that Bo is doing well today. They have learned that his infection is a fungal infection in the lungs and are now targeting the antibiotics to there. Bo is doing well breathing off the vent, so they feel that this is a sign in the right direction. They will not know exactly how well the antibiotics are working until we give them some time to work. (time...seriously I am about sick of that one) Bo did spend about 12 hours off the vent today and walked about the same. He is rightfully frustrated, but doing well. He is just ready to go home.
On another note my silly little girl has started to make up stories now. (We have watched Cinderella one to many times) My favorite store is the one that goes like this...Once upon a time Miss Christi and Mr. Bo lived happily ever after. The End...Needless to say that one made tears in the eyes. From her mouth to God's Ears
Sweet Dreams
Christi, Addi and Bo
PS - She has started to refer to Daddy as Mr. Bo when talking about him...Mr. Bo this and Mr. Bo that...the babysitters are really anxious to meet him now...


Jerrold said...

BJ, CJ, and AJ relish is the small victories lg txp is rough and a life long journey, you are in a marathon not a sprint pace yourself you guys will be fine.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of playing frogs with Addi at the yacht club - She is the funniest little girl - Brooks thinks she is cute!
You guys hang in there - I know it is hard - and I can not imagine what you are going through emotionally - But you can do it and when ever you are down - let Addi in the room because she is REALLY funny!

Anonymous said...

Christi, Bo, and Addi,
Sometimes the simple way a child looks at life help us all to appreicate how beautiful our lives are. Addi's simple story is so beautiful and so true.
Stay strong and love each other. That will help you as you have to let time take its course.
We send you love, prayers, hugs, and most of all laughter.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

I know you guys can make it, I know there are ups and downs but hang in there!! My mom always says God only gives us what we can handle. You are all in my prayers everyday.


Candace said...

We really appreciate all the updates. We are thinking and praying for you guys.
All our love,
Candace, Walker and Connor

Anonymous said...

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