Friday, August 15, 2008

Hello to All - Bo accomplished his eating test today, we will have results hopefully Monday or so. I am sure he was excited that the second bit of food he ate was radioactive eggs and toast (he had pudding and an oatmeal cookie for the swallow test) But hey food is food. The test did tire him out, he eats the eggs and then waits an hour, x-ray, waits and hour, x-ray, waits and hour, x-rays and well they watch to see if everything is still working. After he got back he cleaned up, and got to take another shower, that tired him out as well, but man does he look better. They will run one more test, a camera down his esophagus to make sure nothing new has happened, before the decide to do the stomach wrap. All this is being done because Duke has a huge study, and higher than average survival rate, on how acid reflux effects lung diseases. (Long story short, you can calm the acid from coming up, but that doesn't stop the action of the gunk coming up and into your lungs) Hey whatever it takes to keep him around for a long, long time.
This weekend will be relax, visit and work on talking and walking. He is doing so well, we just got this one last thing to get done procedure wise, then we will work on getting off the vent full time. Right now they keep putting him on at night to make sure he gets a good nights rest. They said once they get everything else together, then it will be easier for him to stop wanting the vent at night. (they help take the pressure from him and therefore hopefully ease his anxiety.)
Pray for a quite weekend and everyone take care as well
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

I pray for YOU kids to have a quite weekend. Bo is doing so well. Maybe they well find a connection with his acid reflex and his lung functions healing properly. Hang in there you kids, I know better times are ahead.
Aunt Marlene from Kansas

Anonymous said...

Thanks soo much for the updates. Bo, we are so very excited that you are out of ICU and on the 7th floor. Also that you have started eating food again. It is also wonderful that Addi can see her Daddy more often. These are such wonderful blessings.
I know it seems like an eternity, but before you know it you will be home in your own bed.


Shelly and Lou

Anonymous said...

Radioactive Eggs. MMM MMM good!!!!

You all are doing great, making baby steps to get outta that hospital and back home. I think about you all every day and say a little prayer for you every night.

Jenn in CA