Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Good Evening - Just a quick post to update on Bo. He is resting in ICU tonight. They are running more tests to figure of why he has a fever. The fever is down, but please pray for no infection. Please pray for Bo tonight also. He is discouraged by today's events. I told him to certainly take today and tomorrow if he needs it to be frustrated, but Thursday we need to have our game faces on.
Christi, Addi and Bo
PS maybe a little prayer for Addi, this is too hard for her to understand.


Anonymous said...

Bless your guys heart!!!! Hang in there it will all work out....

Robert M.

Anonymous said...

hang in there Bovander, slow and steady. You will get there man, win the battles, win the war. We pray for you guys every night, tonight will be no different.


Anonymous said...

Christi and Bo,
Please don't get discouraged. Remember, baby steps and sometimes we go backward before we can go forward. Stay strong and know we are sending our love and prayers your way.
We will say a special prayer for Addi.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Jerrold said...

BJ, CJ, and AJ (Johnson Family) progress isn't marked by milestones it is the lessons learned along the way that truely determine progress, keep fighting doing what you can lg txp is not an exact science, take your time old man your body is healing it took me over a yr to feel better from the lg txp and setbacks, you are to stubborn to let this hold you down for long. 8/6/09 you will inhale deeply and laugh about all of this.

Anonymous said...

Christi, John and I are sending you, Addi, and Bo many prayers....We miss and love you and pray every day for you all. Elizabeth Maddox

Anonymous said...

Everyday we pray without ceasing for you guys! Don't let this get you down. I agree with above, you are winning the battles and WILL win the war. Baby steps are needed. Best wishes always.

Deb and Marc

Anonymous said...

A wise fortune cookie once told me - "Put up with small annoyances to gain great results" Stay strong Bo - you've got a lot of people pulling for you & two very important people who have big plans for the rest of your life.

I pray for your family every day -