Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello to All - I know that I thought I wouldn't be posting as much, but I thought you all would want to know when Bo got to do some fun stuff. Today Bo got to go to the hospital's gym and walk on a treadmill then he did a bike"like" machine. They are going to run some tests soon to see about doing the "wrap" procedure. This procedure is being done to help control his acid reflux. When he gets this done, he will be able to eat some food. He has been fed by a feeding tube, so it is exciting to think about him eating real food. They have to run numerous tests before this will be done, so do not think tomorrow, but soon. So for now, we track laps, laps with the stroller and laps without. We work and get stronger...that is our goal.
Take care and talk soon
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi, and Addi,

Great news - Great progress

Bo - keep up the good work. We are pulling for you.

We continue to pray for your quick recovery and will thank God for the answers to prayer.

Can't wait to read the post that says, "We Are Home!" It will happen! Keep the faith!

Miss Kim

Anonymous said...


I haven't met you, but I feel I've gotten to know you over this trying time in the messages you post here.

You are truly an amazing person. I know you have had so many ups and so many downs through this whole situation, but you are always so considerate of others and their concerns about Bo. I really don't think the average person could handle the pressures you're having to endure. You are truly a reflection of Christ.

I have only seen this kind of love once in my life time and it was my brother-in-law with my sister who had MS.

God will continue to Bless you. You are very, very, very special.


Anonymous said...

Steps, to laps, (a little food maybe)... all on the way to the HOME posting. Go Bo!

- Mike E.

"Adversity does not build character, it reveals it." - Anonymous

Anonymous said...


read you and the word bike in the same sentence. Look forward to riding a real bike with you one day. you have come a long way

Anonymous said...

Christi, I know that you are not cruising McD's this week, but this is great news. Keep it up and keep up the faith- wa all are!
My Love,

Anonymous said...

That's such wonderful news!! I'm SO happy to read this blog today!! As always, the three of you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. From Kentucky....
Ashley Branham Leimer

Anonymous said...

...And now the atheletic training starts! I know that this puts you in really good spirits Bo Show 'em what you're made of! (Do they have a break dancing cardboard in the hospitals gym?)
Super news!

Anonymous said...

Christi, Bo & Addi:

WOW, what wonderful steps you have taken. It continues to be encouraging to all of us to read the daily Blog. Thank you.

You are continually in our prayers. Awesome people you are!!!

Randy & Kaye Ellington

Anonymous said...

That is more of a workout than I had today!
Christi, you are amazing!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always!!
Kasey and Wesley Tanner