Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello to All - Well we know how Monday's are in the hospital and we are regrouping. I should apologize first and say that they are fitting Bo in tomorrow for his wrap procedure sometime in the late afternoon. (So if you have time tomorrow afternoon, please say a prayer that things will go smoothly with his stomach wrap) It will take him a couple days to get back up so speed. Most people are nauseous with some abdominal pain. They want him to heal up, run all the tests they ran before the procedure and then they will allow him to start with a soft food diet and slowly progress to a regular diet. In the meantime he will keep his feeding tube to help make sure he gets the calories that he needs.
On another note Bo got another "pass" for 2 hours. We got in the car and came and got Addi. I am a little worried about Bo being comfortable at the hotel. I think I might have to go and buy a lazy boy recliner to make him more comfortable...I will have to think about that one. Anyway it was nice again to get out of the hospital. He will probably be captive there for a while after the procedure, we will see and he might surprise us all and jump out of bed Wednesday.
Love to All
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

Prayers are on there way for the procedure to go well tomorrow and for Bo to snap back as usual.
I am so happy he feels comfortable out of the hospital because that is where he well be real soon.
Aunt Marlene from Kansas

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! another "shore leave" they must really like you. I'm glad you got to see the outside again. I will be praying for you tomorrow afternoon.

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

You can be assured that all the teachers at St. Alban's will be praying for you today. We are all anxious to see you come home! Maybe a little selfish reason in there too - we want to see Addi's smile that brightens the room!

May God bless you today and touch you with His healing hand.

Miss Kim

Anonymous said...

A big prayer from Maryland on the stomach wrap procedure. This has been a long time coming! You are all always on my mind.
My Love,

Anonymous said...

It was great to see Bo last week. I am praying a couple of times today for the stomach wrap just in case Duke get's an early start. Also, I am willing to loan Bo my recliner til he goes home to his own. It would be no trouble for me to bring it over to the hotel. Just let me know. Love & Prayers for all healing.
Granny Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Prayers coming from Georgia. All the best.

You guys are amazing.

Deb and Marc