Monday, August 18, 2008

Let me say that Bo is taking the doctors orders full force. The doctor told Bo that she wanted him to walk and work out and if he felt exhausted she would put him back on the vent at night. Well we all know Bo loves the vent so this morning before noon Bo had walked a 1 mile and then another 1/3 of a mile. He then proceeded to walk over a mile on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the NuStep machine and lifted weights only to follow up with another 1/3 of a mile. He also is working on plugging his trach, he started today with 40 minutes with it plugged.
Tomorrow morning he has his EGD, camera down the esophagus to make sure nothing has been going on with the acid reflux. Once that is done the team of doctors will meet and discuss when they believe it to be safe to do the wrap procedure (this will allow Bo to eat solid food again) I pray that they make the right decision and nothing sets us back. I will let you know what they decide as soon as I know.
Take care
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

We will cross our fingers that Bo will have the wrap procedure asap. I know how much he loves a good steak.

Shelly and Lou

Anonymous said...

We are very happy to hear about all the progress. Thanks for posting and Bo keep up the hard work. And when you are putting- keep your head still. We are going to be in Chapel Hill in a few weeks and would love to come by and say hi. Hopefully you will be gone, but if not I'll get with Lee to get in touch. We're still praying for you.

Stephen and Tippi Mace

Anonymous said...

dang Bo...i feel like a chump. me and ermann go to the gym 5 days a week and we don't hold a candle to what you are doing. keep up the great work. you'll be out of there in no time.

- alecia

Anonymous said...

Christi, thank you so much for your continued posts- I am not sure how you have energy to do them! It really sounds as if Bo is doing remarkably well- please, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

That is AMAZING!!! Congrats, buddy!! I love reading these emails. I hear there is a really good chance of you, Christi, & Addi coming home soon. When I heard that...I could't have been more happy! You're really doing great & we're still cheering for you! deserve the highest honors!! No words can ever express how incredible you are!! :) Take care of each other & come home soon! :)


Cameron's Blog said...

The progress is absolutely awesome. I continue to be amazed by Bo's strength and determination. Christy you have shown such resilence and faith throughout this whole process. Prayers continue for you all to keep making the steps toward getting back home.

God's peace,

Casey, Shelly, Cameron, Caroline Mott

Rachel Dominguez said...

I read your blog daily. I learned of bo from Jason on "gifts of gabi's grace" blog.

I am so glad to hear things are finally starting to look up for Bo. I pray every night during my evening prayers that he will get home soon.

Love and Prayers from Missouri,


Anonymous said...


will be praying for your EGD to go well. Through this whole thing, you have been the exception to the rule and tomorrow will be no different.

Jay and Mel