Friday, August 01, 2008

Good Evening Friends - The word for tonight's prayers is DIAPHRAGM - (seriously darn that silent "G") They are working on moving Bo back out of ICU, so we all know what that means. We must keep the CO2 levels down. I did speak with a doctor briefly and he reiterated that Bo's diaphragm is weak and that is essentially what is keeping him in the hospital. They have no "miracle" cure for this other than time and PT. So I told him that since they performed so many miracles already for Bo that I would step up to the plate tonight and get the prayers rolling for the diaphragm. I told him to watch out. There are some things in science that cannot be explained and that is when faith steps in. I believe that Bo will get his diaphragm working and we will be moving along...
Keep believing
Love to all
Christi, Addi and Bo


Merritt said...

i belive he and you all can do this.. PRAYERS are coming from Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Prayers are always coming from my end! Christi-let's call the diaphragm-DP- it will save you time and frustration. Keep pushing.
My Love,

Anonymous said...

We are standing with you guys about this diaphragm situation. We will be your "watchmen on the wall" and continue to pray for this matter. We, too, are praying for all those in authority over you and Bo, including the Drs., nurses and therapists. Keep standing and keep looking up.


Randy and Kaye Ellington

Robo Boogie said...

You know those in Lawrence are thinking off you however you spell it ;-) Keep fighting the good fight. CO2 stay down!

The Allens

Candace said...

We all prayed today. Hope you all had a good day. Thanks so much for posting, we check many times a day. Thinking of you both.
We love you guys,
Candace, Walker and Connor