Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday was a ok day. Got up and went to work, but did not bike ride. I was still a little tired from the extra meds. I had oatmeal and a shake for breakfast. I also had a banana as well. Work was good, and I was busy. I got caught up from missing Thursday and had several conference calls. Lunch was a turkey sandwich and fruit. I am drinking this Xango stuff and I have to drink a bottle every day for 21 straight days. It is ok tasting, but hard to do EVERYDAY. Afternoon went well, and Christi and I had dinner with Addi. Salmon and squash was dinner, of course very good. Tracia came over to watch Addi and Christi and I went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was pretty good. Got home and was tired, so I am going to bed.

Interesting note if I have not said so before - hair is starting to come out. I have kind of expected that since the first chemo, but when it happens, it bothers you a little. I am on board, let me make that clear. If I have to never have hair again to live, so be it. However, the feelings you have seeing yourself change is weird. I have gotten what looks like acne from the Tarceva, and I also had (not now) a rash. Looking in the mirror and seeing your face, but not like it was is a little scary. Now it is a little funny, as I am thinning out on top. I can pull hair out by the clumps. Every morning when I get up, there is a little more on the pillow. Again, no worries, just weird.

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Anonymous said...

Bo, you'll get no sympathy from me on the hair loss...mine's been falling out for years!!!! ;)

Rob Wardell