Saturday, July 29, 2006

Still at the beach! Second round ok, still in 4th place. Scott Lee is catching Lee Bradley, and Shawn Lee is in third...

Went to dinner tonight with Lee, Scott, and Justin. Addi and Christi were with me of course. We went to a fun seafood deal, and Lee and Justin ate enough crab legs to make most people sick. My appetite is still good even though I do not talk about it any more. I thought people were getting bored of it, but several people have given me a hard time about it, so I will start letting people know again.

Morning: 4 poached eggs, shake, 16 oz of water
Lunch: baked red snapper, salad, squash and zucchini, water
Dinner: grilled salmon, salad, strawberries

All in all a good day, man am I tired from playing golf when it is 99 degrees outside!


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