Monday, July 03, 2006

Having Monday off was fantastic. I went to play golf today with Bob, Phil, and Walker. We played at the club. It was hot but fun. Bob and I lost the match, and I shot another 98. I am officially terrible. Hit very good shots, just did not score at all. After golf, I went home and my buddy Brian came into town with his girlfriend Jennifer. They are sticking around with us until after the fireworks on Tuesday night. We went to Bill and mom's for some swimming. Addi was so cute in the pool. There is a waterfall type deal and Addi loves to splash in it. We came back and showered, then went to dinner. Afterwards, we just came back home.

I have to let you know how good Christi has been to me. This morning is an example. I woke up early to ride my bike and while I was gone, she fixed me breakfast so I could go and hit golf balls early. She has really been great. For breakfast, I had turkey bacon, poached eggs, and a smoothie. For lunch, I had a bunch of fruit, then dinner I had 6 oz filet and lobster with carrots. I did drink a lot of mango juice today.

As far as how I feel: I rode 10 miles today, then played 18 holes of golf in 95 plus degree weather, then went swimming, then out to eat. I feel fine and I am happy to say thanks to god for this, as well as Duke and all the people praying for me.

Thanks for reading!

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