Saturday, July 15, 2006

Today I rode my bike to my old house and back, about 14 miles. We did sleep in a little so I got a late start. Addi and Christi had breakfast ready for me when I came back, eggs and turkey bacon. I am not really supposed to eat anything that has nitrate as an ending to any word in the ingredient's, but heck, it is a little treat for me. Mike and Caroline came over. (Mike is the fiance, Caroline is the little sister) We are all going back to my hometown today for my grandpa's 90th birthday party. I will tell you guys that I could write a 600 page novel on my grandpa. He is really a great man and so many people love him. The grandkids all got him this picture of us, but we wrote things on the matting around the picture. I wrote that I am hoping to be 1/2 the man he is, and I really mean that. He is truly a great person. On the way up, we stopped by Lee Bradley's house. He is my best buddy from Hendersonville. He and Tina just bought a house out in the country in Columbus, NC. Addi really liked seeing the chickens and turkey. I am not sure if she really knew what they were, but she like it. Lee's house is really neat, and it is peaceful out there.

We then went to my grandpa's house. I saw my dad, Uncle Mutt, Papa, Aunt Mary, Uncle Jeff, Jordan, Lindsey, and Merritt. (Where there is Merritt, there is also Drew) They were all help getting helping to get ready for the party. Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff had never seen Addi so that was nice. About 6:00, we all got ready to go the The Mustang Cafe which is where the party was. All of my family was there, too many to name. Everyone was really nice, this is the first time they have seen me since the new hairdo and news of cancer. It was strange, some looked at me like I was dead and they felt for me, some really had that positive attitude. If you ever run into someone with cancer, especially one that has no cure, it is most likely best to be a little over neutral. I guess what I am saying is that I know the odds, yet I chose to be very positive. I would prefer that people did not look at me like I am dead, yet also be respectful enough not to plan the next 20 years. I also know it is very tough on the person, because most people do not have a clue what to say. Awkward!

Stu and Misty came out to the party and I had not see Stu in years. It was good to catch up. We left about 8:30 pm, and headed home. All in all, it was a good day seeing my grandpa get some recognition, something he is shy about. Funny side note: When he found out about me, him and my dad came down to see me. He asked me he could give me a lung. He said he had lived a good life he could give me a lung and it meant him dying, he was ok with that. He deserves everything he got today and so much more, so I am dedicating today on my blog to him. He is a great man and I hope everyone that reads this prays for him daily.


Anonymous said...


Look at your daughter, Addi and the living miracle that she is. Think about the love between you and Christi and the fact that out of the millions of people in this great land of ours, you found each other as eternal soul mates.

Put everything into perspective and there is no logical reason you shouldn't be able to kick BAC's butt out of your life forever. In fact, it will surprise all of us reading this, that knows you, if you don't. Everyones know you never give up, no matter what.

You can do it. It's not a question of if, it's just a queston of when. God has a plan for you in the future and as the saying goes, we haven't seen anything yet.

Hang in there buddy. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for dedicating today's blog to me. I don't know that I deserve it. Enjoyed everybody's company and had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to everybody who came. The picture was wonderful.
Good night it is passed my bedtime.
I love you and wish you the best,

Stuart Rohrbaugh said...

Bo: Great idea and use for a blog. I have to comment on your hair. I can remember various hair cuts and styles you sported over the years. I remember while we were in junior high school when you, James, Lee, Andy, Scott, Mack and I all cut each others' hair? Now those were truly some scary hair cuts. Stu