Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here is the food report:

Morning - 3 poached eggs, shake
Lunch - turkey sandwich, rice chips
Dinner - 3 bowls of cereal, fresh fruit

Today was a good day, even though it was a disaster on the golf course. I told on Brian Williams so HE MADE SURE I put this on the blog:

Shawn "Quan" Lee beat me today in golf. We did not play in the same group, but he beat me. I will sum it up this way - I had 6 pars, a 11, 10, 2 quads, and so on.... UGLY.

We came home from the beach today. Addi was such a good baby on the way back. She did so well and only got fussy about 5 minutes from home. She "read" books, watch DVDs, etc. I have to say my wife is the greatest. She packed the car while I was playing golf. It was a great day.

To Brian Williams team - We won by triple digits!!!!!

I will be gone tomorrow getting chemo at Duke. If I do not write tomorrow, please understand that chemo and the pre-meds make me loopy!

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Bo - your weekend reviews were awesome. It sounds like you had a blast with your friends and that was the goal - good for you!! Yes it is hot and we here in Iowa are suffereing along with the rest of the Midwest. Very humid and index levels way into the 100's. I am anxious to hear how Monday- today goes. Be sure to give a yell. All fingers crossed for a good one.
As always - take care! JT

Anonymous said...

You forgot to say who was the overall winner in golf?