Monday, July 10, 2006

I will have to admit, today was a little harder. I woke up and was SO tired today. I did not go into work on time and I did not ride my bike. Christi made me an appointment with Dr. Martin, a hololistic doctor. She does everything from being a chiropractor to doing acupuncture. She is very nice and I will continue to go to her. She is going to be worried about how I am doing as far as mental health, nutrition, and my immune system. I had an appointment with her at 10:00 am, then I went to lunch at home, then went to the office. We had two huge agents in and we are trying to recruit them. Had great conversations with them and I hope we can work with them. I actually think they have integrity.

After work I went and shaved my head. It was coming out any way so I thought I would just get it over with. Addi really likes it I think, and Christi thinks it is ok. I am not really to vain about how I look, but I will say that I am bother a little by my appearance. I could not shave my head completely, like with a razor, because of the bumps on my head. These bumps are also on my face and basically I look like I am just going into the 8th grade. It is really funny to see me. My "acne" is caused by the Tarceva I am taking daily. Again, it does bother me a little, but that is normal I guess.

I can home and had dinner with Christi and Addi. We had steamed carrots, asparagus, salad, and soup. It was healthy and good.

Bill and Mom came by the see my haircut and Mom was ok with it, so that made me feel better as well. I did not ride tonight as well. Jay is coming by in the morning so I decided to wait for Tuesday. I will ride Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, and Friday of this week. My grandpa's 90th birthday is on Saturday, well, the party is. I am excited for him and I can't wait to see my Dad and everyone in Hendersonville.

Thanks for reading..... If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I will answer it on the blog....


Anonymous said...

I once went bald from stress. I mean, literally I lost about 40% of my hair and had to wear a hat and when I couldn't wear a hat I had to keep my hair up in a bun to cover up the huge bald spot that circled the crown of my head from one side to the other (about 6 or 7 inches by about 2 inches). I had every test in the nation done and was perfectly fine. Doctors said it could only be due to stress (this was when I worked for the phone company when we had to clock out of our phone to get up and go to the restroom, etc.) I never thought I would be the same again and I felt like I went from "me" to "something else." When I get stressed I still have problems with it and my hair falls out so much that EACH day when I shower I have to clean the drain other wise it gets clogged with hair -it's really gross because I have such long hair. I eventually think I will be the only female that I know without any hair at all for no "real" reason. Low and behold, it grew back at least for the most part. As will yours. Luckily, guys look pretty studdly without hair in my opinion. But I know how you feel. :-) ~Roachy

Anonymous said...

I am Caroline's friend from college. Just wanted to let you know that I read this blog on a daily basis and that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You are really an ispiration.
Take Care,