Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday was a great day. Jay and I went on a ride this morning. When I got back, Christi fixed me some eggs, and I also had a shake. Work was really good, and we have some big meetings coming up.

I went to the holistic doctor today. She worked on my body, concentrating on my back and neck. She did a really good job.

I left work early today to head to Duke. I am staying with my buddy Brian since we have to be there at 7:15 am. Tomorrow is a big day. It is when I do scans so the doctors can see my progress for the first time. Basically they can say 4 things:

1. Cancer is growing more BAD
2. Cancer is the same OK
3. Cancer has shrunk GOOD
4. Cancer is gone SUPER

Basically, I have a 75% chance to hear some good news. I most likely will not hear 1 or 4, somewhere in between. I might have trouble updating tomorrow night, but I will try my best....

See you soon....


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you! Good luck tomorrow and we can't wait to hear the good news!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah dude!!! Cancer is a punk! I told you that it hates when you ride. You are riding faster and farther now than when we started. And you are just getting warmed up dude. Hell, we haven't even ridden a trail yet! Good to hear the news. See you on the bike when you get back. The gloves are off, sleeves rolled up, it's ON like DONKEY KONG.