Sunday, July 02, 2006

Today Christi, Addi, and I went to church. Then we came back and hung out. My mom came to watch Addi and Christi and I went to the movies with Walker and Candace. We saw the new Superman and we all thought it was good.

Update on side effects. Rash is basically gone. Still have a little numbness at the tips of my fingers. Tarceva is still affecting my complection a little on my face, and also on my scalp. Christi says it just lloks like I am sun burnt..... Other than that, good to go.

Ate very well today. Breakfast as usual, turkey blts for lunch, and pasta with chicken cubes and tomato sauce. Every meal with soy milk. I will tell you, it is very hard to eat healthy. Time as well as cost, and that is just eating at home.

I also wanted to let everyone know that Addi was walking today behind a push toy. She is such a big girl now. I love that little girl.

Also ase pray for my friend Chip's mom. She has a brain tumor and has surgery on 7/21. She needs a lot of prayers. Also Amy's mom who is in the hospital. They thought she may have cancer, but she does not. Keep those tow in mind, plus Suzi from Friday.

I am playing golf tomorrow so think positive for me tomorrow so I do not have to give Phil any money!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bo,
I read you "Blog" daily. I have Larry wanting to read it also, so I get him my laptop and set it up for him. As you well know you, Chrisit and sweet Addi are always in our thoughts and in our prayers. We will pray for you friends also. You are such an inspiration to all of us with your determination and positive attitudes. Keep it up!! I seen that in you the first time you came to Kansas. I just want to let you know we would all be with you on Tuesday (in our thoughts & with our prayers). I have everyone I know reading your story and praying for you. You are such a determined young man I think you can deal with this disease just as Lance Armstrong did and win also.
Love you all, Mom