Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hope all is well with everyone. I want you to know I am supposed to be in Canada fishing right now, so I am a little upset! Just kidding sort of. One thing about this cancer BS that is BS, it does rob you of things that people take for granted. Vacation for one. It is hard for me to go any where right now for two reasons: 1. chemo, 2. When the docs say you are dying, whether you believe it or not, you just want to be around your family.

I hope my future (maybe) brother in law Mike is having fun in my place at the fishing trip....

I woke up today and met Jay for bike ride. We went 10 miles and had a nice chat. I am a little slower on the hills after the 2nd chemo, but all in all good. I had eggs, a banana, and Irish oats for breakfast. Breakfast is really hard to have a variety of stuff. There is just not that much stuff to eat for breakfast. Went to work and had a really good day. Came home for lunch and had a salad with fish on it. I also had a shake. Went back and was busy all day long. Tonight I had free range chicken, a squash dish, and wild rice. I do not remember if I mentioned it yesterday, but I did shave my head. Addi liked it, Christi was ok with it.

I will list some of the things I have learned I can have. Remember, this is my opinion based on research and what several nutritionist and doctors have said. I also am going extreme. However, do your own research:

Extra virgin coconut oil is good
No bread unless gluten free (gluten is in wheat, oat, barley, and rye)
no dairy, no cheese
Almond butter is good
No pasta
Rice milk is good, soy is ok, but rice milk is better
No canned fruit
Raw veggies are good, anything like a plant
Alvacodo is good
Raw and unsalted nuts are good
Honey is a good sweetener, NO sugar, especially refined)
Juices need to be fresh squeezed, other have too much sugar
Deep water fish (salmon, halibut, atlantic cod)
Beans (lima, navy, pinto, etc)
No processed foods, no lunch meat
little salt and pepper fine
Free range Chicken good
Turkey good
Steak is bad, takes a long time to digest

Rule of thumb - total sugar should be less the 1/2 of total card, or you know there is a lot of sugar in the product

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